About Film

Entrepreneur, family man and eccentric crusader Jack Sim sacrifices a comfortable life in Singapore to lead the world in an uphill battle against a never-ending, human-made crisis that affects 2.4 billion people: SHIT.

To a stranger, he’s quirky, but to those who know him he’s Mr. Toilet, a leader of the global sanitation revolution. He grew up in the slums of Singapore with a bucket for a toilet and knows the agonies of not having a proper loo. Using humor as his weapon, Mr. Toilet fights an uphill battle against taboos surrounding toilets asserting, “Poop culture will soon become pop culture.” His goal is to appeal to the masses by making the toilet a symbol of pride and success – just like the newest model of the iPhone. But not everyone is thrilled with his unconventional methods—unabashedly using the word sh*t or referring to himself as the 007 of toilets because it spells loo upside down. Mr. Toilet (whose real name is Jack Sim) is plunged into his biggest sh*t-uation yet when he is asked to create a model for India’s sanitation crisis and bring 6 million toilets to the state of Andhra Pradesh. After successfully creating the World Toilet Organization and convincing 193 countries to adopt an unthinkable holiday—United Nations World Toilet Day—he feels ready for this next venture. But, as a visionary from a completely different culture who inherited a boyish outlook and a seemingly clumsy approach, many conservatives and traditionalists feel threatened by Mr. Toilet’s eccentric ideas and complete overhaul of their bureaucratic process.